Russian Language Tutoring

I love my students and I am very proud of them!

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting challenge; it is also an achievable one. While it will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone, and require you to view and describe the world around you in new and novel ways, it is also very rewarding and enriching experience. One of the strongest “side effects” is the growth in confidence every time students reach new milestones.

There are many reasons for studying Russian. Students have shared “getting ready for trip to foreign country”, “learning the language of significant other”, “earning school or college credit”, “business requirement”, “creative outlet”, “gaining understanding of other culture” and simply “have fun”. No matter what your reasons, one thing is for sure — you will enjoy the sense of achievement while giving your memory a boost.

My students, whose ages vary from 2 to 70, teach me as much as I teach them. Some of the best ideas for my teaching practice came from my students. For example, my monthly Conversational Class began with a student’s suggestion. Now the class picks a theme, the date, time and location to meet. I email topic-specific vocabulary list and students arrive prepared with the appropriate vocabulary and enthusiasm to explore a new linguistic skill-set. Then we talk about Moscow, hockey, shopping, Olympics and Dostoyevsky…

Tackling the complexities of Russian grammar can also be more fun in small group settings. Saying Time in Russian, Cases in a Flash, НЕ&НИ are the popular subjects of grammar classes with more than two students.

Here are flyers from past group classes:

Travel to Russia Flyer Time in Russian Flyer PNG

Most school systems offer an opportunity to take a foreign language for a credit outside of school. If you are a parent of a high school student or a homeschooler who would like to take Russian for credit, I can create his/her personalized lessons plan based on the most recent Ohio language standards for K-12 ( When needed, I work directly with school authorities and teachers. All such administrative work is ½ of my regular hourly rate. Tutoring fee starts at $35/hr and may vary depending on location, specific needs of the student and/or specialized vocabulary. Skype lessons are also offered.  

It is my policy to meet (free of charge) with a potential student (and his/her parents if under 18) for a short interview or initial session. My long term students are entitled to one free annual lesson. I am always available by email, text or phone to answer your homework questions and to help with short translations and/or interpreting. I email daily Russian Word of The Day with choices based on current lessons or group session themes. Another option is my monthly Newsletter with links to interesting articles, photos and cultural facts, updates on our activities and my new offerings.

Regardless of why you’re interested in studying Russian, contact me to discuss all of the choices available to you.  Please note –  I do not teach group classes right now.